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Tunisia / 1999-2011

Website Design of the study SERAH office.

Version 1999 makeover in 2006 and 2011

SunSea Resort

Tunisia / 2009-2011

Website Design of a real estate project in Djerba for European clients.

Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce

Tunisia / 2011

Website Design of the Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce in joomla with subscriber management and access journalists.

Free Courtage

France / 2007-2010

Website Design a brokerage agency for real estate loan and its back office.


Ardea Seal

France / 2010

Website Design a manufacturer of high-end caps.


Tunisia / 2009-2010

Design of the e-commerce website of an IT wholesaler, a subsidiary of IBM. Setting up an administration area and access resellers.

Credit Line

France / 2010

Designing an online credit application site, consumer version, professionals and cobranding.


Didon Esthétique

France / 2010

Designing a medical tourism website.

Fin Extenso

France / 2010

Design of a real estate program management platform, with public access and access for proessionnels.

La Houguette

France / 2010

Designing a website Lot sales.

Must Esthétique

Tunisia / 2010

Web design of a medical tourism agency site.


Tunisia / 2010

Design of the International Exhibition of the website of the Investment Agriculture and Technology, with online registration of exhibitors and stakeholders.


Tasmid Industry

Tunisia / 2010

Website Designing a manufacturer of fertilizer for the agricultural industry.

Estetika Tour

Tunisia / 2004-2009

Website Design of the first Tunisian travel agency specializing in cosmetic surgery (customer files full web management).

Version 2004 makeover in 2005 and 2006, recast in 2009



Tunisia / 2006-2009

Design portal site 1 Tunisian consortium of IT companies.

2006 version of Joomla, recast in 2009.



Tunisia / 2004-2009

Website Design of the Industrial Land Agency. This site provides an update on the state of industrial estates sales and display this data on a map. A back-end to manage procurement requests.

Version 2004 makeover in 2009


Esthetik Chirurgie

France / 2009

Website Design of a Franco-Tunisian agency of medical tourism in Tunisia.

Gazette de l'immobilier

France / 2009

Designing a site listings for individuals and agencies.



Marocco / 2009

Website of the Training Institute of Paramedical Private Settat and Clinic Al Farah Morocco.

IPS Construction

France / 2009

Website Design an IPS profiled manufacturing company and building metal structure.