Joomla! CMS

MEDIATIX has developed several projects on the basis of Joomla!, the Open Source CMS (Content Management System) which is attracting the most interest at the moment.

Our interventions have focused on :

  • Organizing content;
  • Development of modern templates (GUIs), including :
    • a drop-down menu with appearance effects, transparency...,
    • areas of the interface that change in a random way,
    • Animations;
  • Implementation of available extensions :
    • Newsletter
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and URL rewriting,
    • Simple forms and multipage forms,
    • Slideshow and photo gallery,
    • Tabs
  • Development of specific extensions

Joomla! Stands out among the hundreds of content managers, more than 840 according to the site

  • It combines powerful features and ease of use.
  • It is a proven tool, which was adopted by a large community of developers and site managers around the world.
  • The GUI is independent of content. Thus, it is easy to apply a new template and modify the visual appearance of a site.
  • It has a clear modular interface. Each module can be positioned independently in the web page.
  • The administration interface is easy to learn and can manage the site in a comprehensive manner : articles, menus, modules and their positions, and user access rights, templates...
  • Joomla! was in November 2006 the award winner of the best Open Source CMS 2006, by Packt Publishing, following a vote of 16,000 users in 70 CMS.
  • There are at present many Joomla! extensions, Over 1800 according to the official website These extensions across many areas and are charged or free. Indeed, many companies would like to contribute to this great Open Source collaborative project by offering free components and templates that they have developed.
  • The development of Joomla! is regular : a new version every 2 months or so.
  • The new version 1.5, which is currently being finalized, brings many new features and a better speed through a completely rewritten code in an efficient framework.
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