Search Engine Optimazation (SEO)

The registration of a web site in search engines and directories is essential to make it known.

This operation is preceded by optimizing the web pages to improve visibility by these engines. Every detail is important :

  • The filename of an HTML page or image;
  • The title of the page;
  • The number of back links;
  • The invisible tags;
  • The presence of a rich and well-organized content.

These techniques, well known by MEDIATIX team, offer very good results.

For expressions with a harder competition, particularly for sites launched recently, it is important to use commercial links. In this case, we can also manage the add campaign (google adwords - yahoo).

Référencement sur Google

Some search results in Google :

Référencement sur Yahoo

Some search results in Yahoo :

Tests conducted on 27/04/2011

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