Domaine la Vivonne

France / 2020


Website of a French wine estate. Sale, calculation of personalized transport costs, Paybox online payment

WordPress, Responsive, E-commerce

Hôtel Iris - Jerba

Tunisia / 2003-2020


Website Design Hotel Iris - Djerba

2003 version, makeover in 2005, 2008 and 2020, online reservation and payment

Visite virtuelle, Phototèque Professionnels, Paiement en ligne

Tunisie Capitale Santé

Tunisia / 2019-2020


Official website of the Unit for the Promotion of Investments and Health Exports, attached to the Tunisian Ministry of Health

WordPress, Responsive


France / 2019


Website of a French insulation company. Online simulator

WordPress, Responsive, Simulateur

Centro Mano Spalla

Italy / 2019


Hand and shoulder surgeon's website

CMS, CodeIgniter, Responsive

Institut du Médiateur – Maroc

Morocco / 2018-2019

Intranet application for managing complaints and mail. Front-end customer filing and follow-up of complaints

CodeIgniter, Responsive

Tunisia Deal

Tunisia / 2011-2019


Designing an online bundling website.

Version 2011 makeover in 2015

Responsive, E-commerce

Hélios Beauty

Tunisia / 2018


Website of a medical tourism agency.

WordPress, Responsive


Tunisia / 2018

Full web application for managing medical records for a medical tourism agency

CodeIgniter, Responsive

Clinik Esthétik

Tunisia / 2017


Website of a medical tourism agency. Full web solution.

WordPress, Responsive

Météo Algérie

Algeria / 2017

Web site of the algerian national office of the meteorology

CMS, CodeIgniter, Responsive, accès abonnés


Tunisia / 2016


Official website of the DCFTA (Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area) between Tunisia and the EU

WordPress, Responsive

MSK Radiology

Belgium / 2016

Official website of the DCFTA (Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area) between Tunisia and the EU

CMS, CodeIgniter, Responsive

BICOR Assurances

Burundi / 2016

Website of an insurance compagy in Burundi

WordPress, Responsive

Centaure Investissements

France / 2012-2016


dynamic and responsive website for a consulting firm in wealth management. advisors access to lead management and appointments. Performance Statistics.

2012 version, updated in 2015 and in 2016

CMS, CodeIgniter, Responsive

Centre de la Main Tunis

Tunisia / 2016

Site design a medical center for hand surgery. CMS CodeIgniter. Responsive.

CMS, CodeIgniter, Responsive


Tunisia / 2016


Website of STECIA Consultants

Chirurgie Greffe de Cheveux

Tunisia / 2006-2016


Web design of a medical tourism agency website specializing in hair transplantation.

Version 2006 redesign in 2016 (ongoing)

CMS, CodeIgniter, Responsive


Tunisia / 2008-2016


Design Groupement Interprofessionnel website of Red Meat and Milk (Joomla! + Specific developments).

Version 2008 redesign in 2016 (ongoing)

CMS, CodeIgniter, Responsive


Tunisia / 2006-2016

Website Design a building material distribution company and industry equipment.

Version 2006 makeover in 2010, recast in 2016

CMS, CodeIgniter, Responsive

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